The Author

America's least-known, least beloved author, Mr. Thomson has been thrown out of such distinguished academic institutions as Amherst College, DePaul University, and the University of Illinois.

A former resident of Alaska, he now follows his life's jagged, downward track in the nation's capitol, where he finds to his relief that his odds of being eaten by wolves have been sharply reduced.

His work has appeared in such prestigious and widely read journals as The Blue Review, Galaxy E-Zine and The Flummery Press, where it has attracted exactly as much attention and acclaim as one might expect.

On the subject of his stories, he is quoted as saying: "Go forth and be free, my throbbing little mutations! I absolve you for the crimes you have committed and for those you will commit and for those the world cannot yet name or even conceive of. Go forth, in all your glory and love and suppurating monstrosity! Go forth and slake your hungers on the world!"


The Webmaster

A shambling man-beast of dubious lineage, our Webmaster has made a name for himself in the realm of Aether.  Not a good name, but a name nonetheless.  Prostituting himself to the likes of The Church of the God-Walrus and this site may not be glorious, but it "does serve a higher purpose," as he reminds himself daily.

Dwelling on the outskirts of Washington, DC, he eeks out a miserable existance wrought with perils so horrible they would make Satan himself cringe in horror.