For Your Protection

Warning: Be advised, the eight stories contained in this volume have not been approved for your consumption. Full of insane lies and fevered gibberish, they are to be regarded as shameful, unauthorized aberrations, and fall into the category of Harmful Printed Material.

Do not heed him when he offers  you: "dishes that slake hungers both known and unknown."

He may ask you to bear witness to a crime that has no name. To watch an Age of Heroes go hideously awry. To follow the winds of death as they grind a nation into bones and silence. To see the course of the French Revolution decided by a small dry stick. He may entice you to enjoy a stay in a prison as wide as the world, yet as narrow as an old man's grudge. Or to bathe in entropy as it devours the Universe, starting with your grandfather.

Do not read any of these falsehoods, and above all do not heed the author's ravings. He will be dealt with shortly.


Hungers Known

Hungers Unknown



Unauthorized  Unsavory  Untrue  Unclean   Unwise