I'd recommend this book to everyone I know!  Whoremongers, onanists, glue sniffers, puke eaters, Popes, God-- every man, woman and slobbering mutation should know the glory of this book!
Pope Essau the Thrice Blessed

Pope, The Church of the God-Walrus

The best fucking book ever written!

I would heartily recommend this volume to anyone with even the most casual interest in masturbation.
Dr. Samuel Johnson
Lexicographer and Deviate

Monstrous! Impure! Intolerable! Unspeakable! This book should be cast into the flames with its author. I would not contaminate my implements of infamy with the writer's wicked and ignoble buttocks.
Donatien Alphonse Francois
Third Marquis of Sade

Everything that made this nation great!
Thomas Jefferson


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Name: Sean Grobe
Occupation: Reviewer


Really Entertaining and fun.

Name: Trouble with a Capital T
Occupation: Imposter


Really disgusting and blasphemous, especially "The Secret Legation." The title story is an outrage, suggesting that we would be better off if we mixed the races! And "An Unlimited Cage" has the impudence to advocate freedom over law and order!

Name: ShadowKeep Editor
Occupation: Duh....


Absolutely fascinating look into something darker and more twisted than a nun's pajama party in a graveyard! If there's a Part Two in the works, warn me ahead of time! Terrific book, some of the most horridly evil fiction I've ever read. I'd recommend the book to everyone I know, but they might lock me up as well.... :) My rating: 13 out of 10!

Name: Lucretia Borgia
Occupation: Despot & fashion victim


Cruelly inventive -- great bedtime reading! This man was born in the wrong century. I'd hire him anytime.

Name: Don Richie
Occupation: Writer


Totally awesome. A wonderful debut for Mr. Thomson! Here is a man who is not only a talented writer, but who has something to say.



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