Appetites Unknown
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Here we attempt to satisfy appetites that nobody even knows they have.  Frankly, we're not surprised to find you here.


Images you didn't know you wanted

Illustrations THEY managed to keep out of the final edition of "All Knowing, All Merciful".  Were these pictures deemed too dangerous for your consumption, or is the truth far more sinister?

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 Autograph your own copy of All Knowing All Merciful! Write yourself whatever foul and monstrous salutation you desire in the author's own handwriting! Forge embarrassing letters for future biographers to shake their heads over! And just think of all the fun you'll have writing checks!  Click here to download.

An Unspeakable Sign.

Yes, now for the first time ever you have the chance to wear Mr. Thomson's mark upon your web site or your desktop or your quivering flesh or wherever you like!

We're sure you didn't know that you ever wanted to see the films of Very Small Pictures Studios.


Show me some known appetites